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Title: Al-Qaeda�s al-Zawahiri Repudiates Dr. Fadl�s �Rationalization of Jihad�
By Abdul Hameed Bakier
Source: The Jamestown Foundation

A previous issue of Terrorism Monitor discussed a document issued by Sayed Imam Abdulaziz al-Sharif, an imprisoned founder of the Egyptian Jihad organization and a prominent jihad theoretician better known as "Doctor Fadl." The work, called Tarshid al-amal al-jihadi fi misr wa al-alam (Rationalizing the Jihadi Action in Egypt and the World), was a critical look at Salafi-jihadist extremism (see Terrorism Monitor, December 10, 2007; Terrorism Focus, January 8). As predicted, al-Qaeda did not open direct dialogue with Dr. Fadl but rather responded with a book of their own refuting the document. In March the second man in al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, published a 188-page document through al-Sahab Islamist media called A Treatise Exonerating the Nation of the Pen and the Sword from the Blemish of the Accusation of Weakness and Fatigue (The Exoneration), refuting the views expressed in Dr. Fadl's document.

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