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It's a country that's seen it's share of turbulent times but has managed to stay strong through it all, now the local community is rallying together to support 60 years of Israel's independence.

Local group celebrates Israel's 59th birthday Video

By Britt Carlson

North Bend- An Israeli celebration reaches the south coast, with a local group of believers standing for their history by standing with Israel.

Celebrating 59 years of Israeli independence on Monday, the group Standing with Israel supports the existence of Israel from the US, and through the power of the Internet, is spreading their message internationally.

Founder Lilo Isenburg says it's not a political organization; it's a way to involve people of all faiths in a cause she strongly believes in.

"We came her to celebrate Yom Ha'Atzamout, that's the Independence Day celebration. Standing with Israel is an organization that brings people together who want to support Israel, especially these days we don't want to see it wiped off the map or pushed into the sea."

Isenburg's faith in the Jewish religion is the main reason she started the group, as Israel is the Jewish homeland.

Standing with Israel's hope is to educate people about the history and significance of Israel.

Isenburg says, "We have discussion groups on the Internet where people can learn the history and all about Israel. How they get there, the Palestinian question of the state and a lot of people don't understand the history correctly, so we try to educate them."

The birthday celebration featured guest speakers sharing stories and experiences they had first-hand on their Israel travels.


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